Upbeat Food Concepts | Services
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“Strive like crazy for perfection – an all out assault on perfection – and at the very least you will hit a high level of excellence.”

-Charlie Trotter

Pat Boyd’s years of experience as a chef combined with his extensive knowledge of foods and love for the business enable him to create menus and concepts for every taste.


Having spent many of these years as a food and beverage director, he knows how to ensure that profitable bottomline goals are met while taking service standards above hospitality and culinary expectations. Whether you are a restaurant owner or desire to throw a dinner party in your own home, Pat has the skill and passion to help you create an unforgettable experience. He will bring an undeniably positive energy to your space with his upbeat attitude and is known for pairing unusual flavors to create truly unique, beautiful and delicious food. Pat’s history in restaurant management provides him with the knowledge necessary to implement an incredible service staff and deliver an impeccable hospitality experience. From new ventures and total restaurant makeovers to enhancement of existing concepts, Pat is known for his ability to bring visions to life.



  • Concept creation & development
  • Menu & recipe development
  • FOH & BOH training
  • Restaurant openings (pre- and post- opening assistance, planning, training, hands-on help in kitchen, and more)
  • Fine tuning service



  • Shopping
  • Execution
  • Service
  • Create a memorable experience in your own home!