Upbeat Food Concepts | About
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“90% of the time I go out to eat and I think, ‘How would one make this better?'”

Dining out (or in) is always an experience. It’s usually somewhere between good and bad, and I am here to show you how to make it great. There are a lot of factors involved in creating something memorable. If one thing is off, the whole experience can quickly shift to dull. Food isn’t great? Service not good? How’s the ambiance? It’s all in the details.


“Well, quite simply, good food is upbeat. It’s that moment you say, ‘WOW.’ It’s a without-a-doubt ‘HELL YES.’ It hits the mark in all areas. It carries the energy of its creator, the people enjoying it, and the space it is presented in. It is colorful, fresh, and unique. And in order to be executed right, its service staff also needs to be, well, upbeat.”

Pat’s years of experience in the food & hospitality industries have led him here to the creation of his own operation… He is passionate about food, wine, great service, and everything in between, and he can’t wait to work with you.

Ready to take your dining experience to the next level?